High Tea reviewed

High Tea game instructions: buy opium, sell opium, buy tea

High Tea in a nutshell

Since we launched our High Tea game a few weeks ago we’ve been absolutely blown away by the response. The game has been played over 2.5 million times, and it’s generated hundreds of comments and survey responses from those who played it and many interesting reviews.  The latter have been especially pleasing; many reviewers have thought deeply about the related history and even economics in their articles, as well as saying lots of nice things about the game. Here is a selection of some of them:

Casual Girl Gamer: this reviewer was very quick off the mark. It was the first article on High Tea to appear and includes a nice overview of the history from the perspective of the American author.

Pop Matters: entitled “’High Tea’: Reflex Economics, or a Twitch Based Economy”, this article took an economics based approach that we weren’t expecting.

Jay is Games: a review from a popular casual gaming site which is straightforwardly descriptive, but results in an interesting and fairly critical comment thread.

Neurobonkers: a very interesting and detailed review that uses the game as a jumping off point for an illustrated history lesson.

And finally Befuzzled, who was disappointed to discover that she wasn’t as good at drug trafficking as she had hoped.

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