Elements: Copper

The day of Elements has arrived, starting shortly in Wellcome Collection. And that means it’s time for our final Elements film and blog post, on copper.

A beautiful metal that comes in various gorgeous shades of blue, green or, well, copper, depending on its state, copper is also incredibly useful. Its electrical conductivity in particular has been central to our systems for transmitting information, done through copper wires. This property, said Andrea, really transformed the world in the 19th Century following the work of Charles Wheatstone in the area of telegraphy.

It also makes really great cookware, because of its thermal conductivity. Andrea has a lovely copper pan which you can see early on in the film, but using copper directly with food can result in the food having a slightly metallic tan. We had a go at filming the tinning process necessary to coat the copper and stop this transferring to the food, but, ah, it didn’t go very well so that didn’t make the cut!

Hope you enjoy the event tonight. You can see the full playlist of Elements films, including last year’s, on this YouTube playlist. For more information about the event, which is happening today, (Friday 22 June) from 19.00 to 23.00 at Wellcome Collection, see here.

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